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"Both together forms a good song! That is a reason why Indie Soul has two parts: The Band the living guitar orchestra and Mutch the spirit for the soul! This Team is perfect in timing and harmony, that is what is needed for a good song! Please read the text of all recorded songs and listen to them later under "Music".
A fusion out of Soul/Acoustica/Pop/Funk and Spanish Guitar combine with distinct Singer/Songwriter sensibilities. This fresh blend gives an very rich tapestry to people who listen to their performance. Truly one of the few bands which I prefer to see on stage!"Dirk Bertelmann

Song Lyrics printed below by kind permission of the author

New Original Song Lyrics!

Verse 1:

An old man spins on his crutches,
caught by the gust of (a) familiar tune,
it cuts the gloom,
taking flight.
We watched him wade into the river,
to be delivered beneath the moon,
t'was the height of June,
when he disappeared.
Chorus: Let us not be lost in the past,

let us be free of vices at last,

let us know how, let us know Now.
Verse 2:
A solitary lightbulb takes it's final breath,
a sudden death to light,
a cloak of darkness fell across the ground,
without a sound,
so silently.

Verse 3:
The streets coughed up garbage,
then coughed up grime,
so many times, so many times.
While a jukebox in the corner,
poured out some rhythm and color,
and I believe the old man spun one last time.



Written by Mutch Katsonga

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Hounds Of Revolution(Chapter One)

Beware the hounds of revolution
Their shadows are bleeding across the floor
They're scratching at your door beware the hounds of revolution

As I stood alone I felt my soul in motion, like the restless clouds that rush above the ocean.
I heard their song come dancing in the breeze.
It didnt take long for my soul to unfreeze.

So take me there I'll go to where ever they take me.
When I get there and my soul's laid bare don't foresake me.

Play your song again.
Don't let it I can follow

Released on the EP "Hounds Of Revolution"

And the dawn was like...a New Page

(written by Mutch Katsonga)

The City was sleeping
The windows were weeping
As the rain outside played it's rhythm
As it was falling like silver bullets
Breaking the soft flesh of the sand.

....And the dawn was like a new page.

Do we remain ignored?
Like the beggar at your sleeve
Or do we rise up from the bottom of the ocean
And learn how to breathe.

...And the dawn was like a new page.
Composed May/June 2011
Released on the EP "Hounds Of Revolution"

Letting Go

(written by Mutch Katsonga)

Touch me like a rainbow,warm me like the sun
Embrace me like a newborn,although I'm weary and worn
What I say is true I'm calling out to you
Dance with me in silence,sing me like a song
Seek me like the echo that you searched for as a child
The games that you played
Did you think about
Letting go
Starting over
Letting go
Think it through
Did it ever cross your mind
Did it ever dawn on you
Did you ever think that it might be just the thing to do

Walk with me through fire,and lay upon these nails
Fly with me through storm clouds and bathe in their tears
And break all these chains
But something still remains
Are you ever gonna find redemption
Working on a positive vibration
My words are revelations
Working on a new foundation.

(ORIGINALLY RELEASED IN 2005 ON "The Indie Soul Movement EP")

Looking Through Cages

(written by Mutch Katsonga)

The lion circles his enclosure
Now I know why he does that
The hounds are howling way into the night-time
Now I know why they howl like that

Never to be woken by the moans of the lonesome dove
but is it any wonder she cries...

Do you know what? I see through your cages
Do you know what I see everywhere now?

The elements do show no mercy
As mankind shows them no regard
It's too late to evade the hunter
He's skill-ful to destroy

(written & composed June 2008)

There May Come a Time

(written by Mutch Katsonga)

There May Come a Time when I lose you
Like the day time loses the light or a blind man loses his sight.
There may come a time when the scarlet cloak of night will wrap itself
around me and never let me be.
I can't see for darkness, I can't sleep for fear, I can't dream for sorrow
,I can't smile for tears these days.
but there's something I must say.
I want to tell you that I wonder how I made it through my life without
love to guide me and love to make me strong,I want to tell you that I wonder
how i made it through my life without love to show me the way that I should

There may come a time when I need you like a new born needs to be loved one
day we'll rise above and there may come a time when I leave you like the sun
will set in the sky and the tears will dry from eyes.

And how I made it without love I don't know
And how I ever got this far I don't know
I wonder how.

(originally released on the "The Indie Soul Movement EP"2005)
(re-released in 2006 on the LP "Jagged Edge Frontier")

Say What You Mean

(written by Mutch Katsonga)

Say what's on your mind
All the sorrow you've been keeping in
But I don't want to know if it ain't coming straight from your heart
A million candles burn for you
I'll save a special place for you if you promise to be honest in
everything that you do
A million candles burn for you
I'll save a special place for you if you promise to be honest all
the time.
So you better,Say what you mean or don't say it at all.
You know you're gonna hurt somebody,you know you'll make somebody cry
So Say what you mean or don't say it at all
you know you're gonna hurt somebody again.

(ORIGINALLY RELEASED ON "The Indie Soul Movement EP"2005)

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